Sometimes all it takes is having the right person to get you and your team pumped up and ready to tackle the day or event going!


I am here to help you keep up with the technology that is vastly changing day-to-day in this fast-paced world.


Productivity is key in any industry, and I am here to help you develop the processes and procedures to increase it!


Innovation is the driving force behind all that I do, and developing solutions to address your needs is my top priority!


I consider myself a partner and a member of your team

I am not only an innovation consultant to you, but I believe I am a part of your team. So, the services I provide are catered to give you an experience that is unique and individualized.

  • Live Event\Concert Audio Engineering
  • On-Stage Event Host
  • Technology Training (focusing on the technology in your business, and for churches: the spirit behind serving in ministry)
  • Media enhancements in event facilities and worship centers  (sound system/lighting/video evaluation and reconfiguration)
  • Computer systems (evaluating your existing systems, providing cost effective options, and installation)
  • Setting up networks (wired and wireless)
  • Assisting in the development of new practical innovative business procedures (integration of Google Apps or Planning Center Online as enhancement tools and more)
  • Working with graphic design artists to develop promotional materials
  • Creating/enhancing your website

Anything you need, I am here.

If that is to be the host, the actor, or the innovator, I am here!


Next Steps...

If you believe I can be of any assistance, please contact me!