My Life's Vision

My approach to life has always been simply, to help people.

This can come in the form of being an ear to listen and motivate members of a team, provide technological expertise to a company looking to grow, developing new business processes and procedures to increase productivity, or simply, and probably most prominently, to provide innovative solutions to tackle any of life's challenges.

It is my belief that

“Innovation through Inspiration”

By connecting you to the necessary resources and tools, innovation comes through being inspired. Now, before reading on, take a moment, breathe in, and tell yourself, "I CAN DO THIS!"

This model is what I believe we can use together to make your dreams and visions come to a reality.

I stand on a foundation of excellence, as well as many years working with small businesses, non-profits, and churches to raise the level at which they use motivation, technology, business, and solutions to spark innovation.

Ultimately, it is my desire to work with people to determine their needs, develop a plan, and execute it effectively!

This also comes through in my personal goals and desires of being on stage hosting, acting, as a musician part of my band (hey Fresh Fire... that's my band lol), a live audio engineer, or a creative technical director.

So, my only question to you is...

How can I help?

Who am I

Well, there are many sides to me, as you can see below 🙂


The Host

Live Events/On-Stage

It takes the right person to make an event a success, which is why I bring my humorous personality to any event by offering live-event  hosting for wedding receptions, on-stage events, and more!


The Actor

Plays(...and movies one day)

I was always, and for the most part still am as a musician or tech director, behind the scenes, but my passion for being on the stage and stepping into a new character has come to a reality!


The Innovator

Innovation Inspired Approach

Innovation is my driving force and technology is the vehicle by which I help people, whether that is through being a creative consultant, audio engineer, or technology advisor.

Next Steps...

If you believe I can be of any assistance, please contact me!