Benjamin E. Akuma: Future Chief Innovation Officer, Visionary Entrepreneur, Tech Guru, Musical Connoisseur, Leader and Lover of People.

What makes Benjamin Akuma so special and unique?

I have a passion for innovation, technology, music, the performing arts, and to inspire people to reach past the sky for their dreams. My objective to be an invaluable resource to people while striving to make positive contributions to our society. Ultimately, my goal is to use my gifts, talents, and abilities to inspire and impact the world in a powerful and positive way, whether that is through hosting on stage, acting in movies/TV, running sound at a concert or by simply being a source of joy through laughter.

What is your background?

I've been inspiring people my entire life, running sound for concerts, churches, and small businesses since 2002, and well as technology consulting since 2000. Professionally, I am a Information Technology Support Specialist at a local 4-year college, as well as the Technical Director for a local church and a musician/singer part of the band Fresh Fire.